Three Rivers Film Symposium: Preserving Pittsburgh's Moving Image

Melwood Screening Room
October 21

The history of Pittsburgh is written in part by moving images - in films about the city, in Hollywood movies shot here, and in home movies and videos of local 'burghers. This day-long (10:30 - 6:00) symposium will bring together local scholars, filmmakers, community members, and moving image collection stewards of all sorts to discuss and question the past, present, and future of Pittsburgh's film and media culture. This event is FREE and presented by the University of Pittsburgh iSchool in collaboration with Pittsburgh Filmmakers, in celebration of the 30th Annual Three Rivers Film Festival. More information and registration click here

Free Evening Event: 8:00 - 9:30pm

Welcome to Smoke City! A Slight Sampling of Pittsburgh on Film

This program of archival films from Orgone Archives includes: Gateway to the Future (1959), River of Steel (c.1951), Postgraduate Medicine University of Pittsburgh Televised Grand Rounds (1963), Pittsburgh home movies (1930s - 50s), and more. Originally founded in 1993 as Orgone Cinema by Jeff Armstrong, Michael Johnsen and Greg Pierce as a break-even motion picture exhibition group, Orgone is also a traveling cinema group that screens and performs films locally and nationally. Greg Pierce, the current custodian of this proudly fringe collection, will present the films in person