Here at PittsburghArts we love utilizing cool things that people make. As a part of that process, we like to give attribution to those sources so that they can get the recognition they deserve and keep making cool things. Here are some of the things we use:

Awkward Showcase - Plugin

We use Awkward Showcase from AwkwardGroup for our slide showcases throughout the site. Check out their site for Awkward Showcase and other cool things:

JQuery - Library

JQuery is a javascript library that provides animation and design capabilities using css3 element selection, and is cross browser compatible. It is used throughout the site and is the basis for other plugins. You can get JQuery, view the api and more at their site:

JQueryUI - Library

JQueryUI is built on javascript and Jquery and provides extra user interface functionality to the site. See all JQueryUI has to offer, along with full documentation at:

Avast! Free Anti Virus 

We use AVAST antivirus software for the school, and you can too, it's free. To download a free license for your PC, visit: