Summer Youth Media Classes in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Youth Media Program

Teens and youth get a fun and fresh opportunity to build their techniques in film and photography at Pittsburgh FIlmmakers Youth Media Program this summer. Browse the camps listed below, or click here to see classes available for all ages this summer. Click the titles to register!

9-12th Graders

The Photographic Portrait
Led by Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Associate Professor of Photography, Sue Abramson, this camp will explore the history of photography through portraiture. Working with natural light and in Pittsburgh Filmmakers' studio, students will experience the different artistic sensibilities of shooting long exposures like the earliest photographers versus the instantaneous nature of the digital age.

Handmade Filmmaking
Here's a chance to take a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) approach to this century-old medium. Working collaboratively, you will learn to shoot, hand-process and digitally edit black and white film to achieve the exceptional look of celluloid.

Rubbed out: The Art of William Kentridge
Using charcoal, large drawing tablets, digital cameras and animation software, students will create original works of hand-drawn animation using Kentrige's unusual "draw-erase-draw" technique.

Learn the essential techniques of photography from exposure and composition to processing and printing in a darkroom.

Video Production
Learn the fundamentals of digital filmmaking like storyboarding, cinematography, sound and editing. Collaborate on two major projects including a "pho- to-roman" (still images with sound) and a final movie. Participants will work with digital video cameras and Apple's Final Cut editing software.

Experimental Video
Learn traditional techniques as well as current digital video and sound processes to make your own distinctive video art.

Cryptozoology and Hoaxes
UFOs, Big Foot and Ghosts are just a few of the subjects covered in this camp mixing strange phenomena with moviemaking. Historical and recent examples of famous hoaxes will be screened, analyzed and combined with video making exercises leading to an original “mockumentary” movie production.

K-8th Graders

Animation for Kids
This cool camp will guide young artists through the step-by-step process of stop-motion animation.

Explore the fascinating world of electronic music from the inside out.

Learn how to design and create your own movie using the popular technique of claymation. Watch and discuss a variety of clay animations then use cameras, clay and computers to make short clay animations of your own, complete with a soundtrack!

Super Short Documentaries
Work collaboratively to make several short non-fiction movies. Get comfortable with the tools of the documentarist and learn how to use the camera, microphone, editing software and interview technique to tell the stories of real life that surround you.

Puppet Movie
Combine the fantastic art of puppetry with video production. Students will design and create a cast of puppet characters, then collaboratively perform, shoot and edit an original movie.

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