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The Annie Seamans Electronic Media Arts Lab

Media Literacy is a growing, international movement built around giving people the ability to access, analyze and produce media for themselves.

Two important principles — the aesthetics of photographic language and history, and a simple methodology for reading media critically — are at the heart of all the program's work. We teach photographic media arts in context: in relationship to world history. Issues of race, gender and class are given particular attention. Our students work directly with artists, in all types of photographic media.

This inaugural program is led by Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Media Literacy Coordinator, T. Foley, a nationally recognized artist and educator. This fall, we are offering a brand-new series of classes for adults and mature teens.

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T. Foley is an award-winning artist living and working in the Pittsburgh area. Her films and videos have been shown at various screening venues nationally and internationally. A former Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Media Arts Fellow (2001), Foley also received a fellowship award from the Pittsburgh Foundation for outstanding achievement as an artist living and working in the Pittsburgh area (2003). In 2005, Ms. Foley received a fellowship to work with other youth technology educators from around the world at the first ever IDEAS Institute within the Lifelong Kindergarten at MIT’s Media Laboratory. Later that year, she led an Animated Documentary production courses for teens and adults sponsored by the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Mo. Foley recently had her first solo show in Pittsburgh, at SPACE gallery in early 2006.

For the past eight years, as the director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ K–12 Media Literacy Arts Education program, Ms. Foley has worked to create opportunities for students, parents and teachers to better read (analyze) and write (produce) in the language of photographic media.

Her speaking engagements and residencies are often related to animation production and to her study of various representations of race and gender in animated media. Her most popular talks, "Betty Boop Is a Dog/Cartman’s Mom Is a Dirty Slut: Women in Animated Media"; and "Race In Animated Media from Peter Pan to the PJs" have been shared with audiences in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Texas, New York and Louisiana.