Drew Hine

Drew Hine's passion for glass began when, as a ceramics major, he found himself in a glassblowing class. From the start, form and color have been focal points of his work. The artist enjoys exploring the simplicity and perfection of the vessel, striving to create tall, beautiful forms. His most recent work incorporates bright, vivid color, yet maintains the sleek, modern shapes that are his signature.

Today Drew resides in Pittsburgh's South Side where he runs his private glassblowing shop, Vessel Studio, with his wife Jeannine. Feel free to contact him regarding private lessons, studio rental, and custom commissions at vesselstudio.net/

Celest Michelotti

Inspired by the beauty of the colors and objects in the skies above, I am an artist in precious metals, diamonds, pearls, and colored gemstones. I combine them to evoke the natural beauty of the cosmos, to bring you a piece of the sky for your adornment…hence my company’s name, “Celestiale”. Following two weeks as NASA’s guest at Kennedy Space Center, I began the award-winning series, “Echoes from the Future”, that launched my jewelry career. ( My Grandfather and Father both worked with metals...it seems that the metal in my genes demanded expression, as well.)

Jewelry with movement has always fascinated me…Some pieces have a stone or a pearl that spins, others are miniature sculptures, reversible from silver to gold, yellow to white gold, or even reversing top to bottom. The wearer participates in creating different looks with just one dynamic piece—my collectors & I are collaborators in design. This year I won a coveted Finalist position in the prestigious NICHE Awards Competition, “Jewelry, Sculpture to Wear”, adding to previous national & international awards & recognition.