Resident Artists

Visual Arts

Leslie Ansley


As a painter, muralist, and educator, Leslie Ansley has practiced her passion for art nearly 20 years. She interprets the emotional significance of human stories through painting, sculpture and mixed media.

Melissa Davenport


She has been a life long self- taught artist working with many mediums.  While teaching many diverse groups she became a PA Council Rostered artist in 2002. Her primary medium, metal, incorporates vocabulary, history, science, physics as well as life skills and critical thinking.

Katy Dement

Interdisciplinary Artist

She is a working studio artist, organic gardener, and beekeeper who creates her art from plants and recycled treasures. Each piece is a vignette that tells a story with layers of vintage ephemera, photos, and bits of cloth interacting with etched images, small toys, natural objects, and beads.

Adrienne Heinrich

Interdisciplinary Artist

Adrienne Heinrich is a working studio artist who is primarily a sculptor, but is also a painter who believes in using whatever media will best express her message.  Having created major installations in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and New York City, she has demonstrated this ability to convey ideas through the use of sculpture and painting. She was Pittsburgh Center for the Art’s Artist of the Year in 2002.

Becky Keck

My first independent firing was simple. I dug clay from the creek bed on my family farm, pinched pots, put them in a cast iron pot in a hole in the ground. Added sawdust, wood, manure, and lit it on fire. That was 1999. I'm still at it.

LaVerne Kemp

Fiber Artist

As an African American artist I draw inspiration from the world around me and weave in pieces of my culture such as the colors, patterns, textures and symbolism. I connect with my African culture through my fiber art and communicate its strength in my finished work.

Jan Loney


My work is often informed by science, technology, nature, and ecological practices, and I love exploring and expressing our response to social and environmental issues. 

Matt Marino

Interdisciplinary Artist

Play and discovery, Self-analysis, self-expression, scientific curiosity

Connie Merriman

Interdisciplinary Artist

Constance is a visual artist who works in painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. Much of her art work considers the impact to communities caused by environmental issues.

Laura Jean McLaughlin

Mosaic Artist

I am a ceramic sculptor, printmaker and mosaic artist who is extremely active in my studio as well as teaching in schools and communities. 

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Glass Artists

Glass Art: We teach it. We create it. We promote it. We support those who make it.

Jessica Rutherford

Interdisciplinary Artist

Art has offered me so many benefits for my emotional and mental well-being.  It is a means of expression and source of joy that has changed the way I look at my day to day life.  I want to bring this to others and show them you don’t have to be a professional artist to have art impact your life in a big way.  

Blaine Siegel

Interdisciplinary Artist

My process of art making begins with a spark. I may witness an event, an image, a random thought may enter my mind or I become drawn to a coarse of scientific study. I develop relationships between media, materials and the initial spark...the concept. I begin to explore and create in the studio. This is how I work with my classroom teacher and my students when engaged in a residency.  We begin with a clear influence or direction and together we create and explore until we have a completed artwork.   

Kevin Wenner


Art is as varied and individual an expression as the number of fingerprints on the planet. It is a cry of freedom and of possibility. It is personal and ironically general all at once.   The Artist is the chemical shatter-point that hopes to recover the part of human nature that is spontaneous, frank and possesses wondrous senses...qualities that the rigours of life are likely to inhibit.   

Bernie Wilke


My main priority as an artist has been working with schools and communities on mural projects that bring a lasting, positive impact.

Alison Zapata


Alison Zapata works as a professional artist specializing in paintings, ranging from individual works of art to portraits and murals. She especially loves working with vibrant colors and large spaces to convey the energy and life of her topic through murals.


Jeff Gordon

From the bright lights of Broadway to a dilapidated amusement park in Bangkok; from a Mary Kate and Ashley movie set on a cruise ship to a pediatric AIDS unit in a Bronx hospital; and from The Big Apple Circus tent at Lincoln Center to the People’s Gymanasium in Tianjin, China, Jeffrey Gordon’s 36 year career as Clown Gordoon has taught him that shared laughter and delight is a celebration of being human. 

Rusty Thelin


Rusty is a playwright, director, and producer.  As a storyteller, he is attracted to the decidedly weird side of life, seeking to use poetic language and imagery as metaphor for the human experience. 

His recent work as a producer of quirky and adventurous indie rock musicals has graced the stages of well-known venues from Seattle to New York to Boston.

He constantly strives to re-imagine the possibilities of live theatre, through unusual and inventive staging, and by thinking outside the box.  Way outside.

Sam Turich


The basic rules of theatrical improvisation are also important rules for any type of collaboration, be it in the classroom, the workplace or the family. The fundamental rule of improvisation is: Always Say Yes. When the students are able to internalize this deceptively simple concept, they discover that effective collaboration, listening and teamwork are both easy and fun.


Curtis Reaves


He is a multi-media artist and community educator who utilizes photography, video, technology and printmaking to empower youth in the exploration of creativity, heritage and social change. Each residency is an infusion of community, found natural objects and symbolic images. His mission is to plant creative seeds wherever he goes to empower the next generation of artists.


Jeff Berman


Rhythm as relationship, as a point of connection, and as universal communication.

Geña & Preach

Interdisciplinary Performance Artists

Geña and Preach are performing artists, both singers, drummers, and dancers.  They perform many different rhythms from Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latin cultures. The rhythms, the songs, and the dances of Sicá, Calindá, Bámbula, Belé, Congo, Yanvalou, Holandé, and many more help them connect different elements of the African Diaspora with the African experience in the United States of America.

Renaissance City Winds

Woodwind Players

The Renaissance City Winds are a chamber music ensemble (one on a part, with no conductor), with a wind quintet core group (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn) that frequently collaborates with guest artists. Chamber music is the most intimate form of classical / contemporary music, and is ideal for small performance spaces such as classrooms, small concert halls, chapels, and even private homes.

Media Arts

Ivette Spradlin

Photographer, Video Artist

My photographs and videos capture the spirit’s intrinsic need to create a sense of comfort, safety, community, and a place to call home.


Walt Peterson


If product is the goal of industry, I think process is the most important element in Art and Arts Education. To get kids (and teachers, too) writing and dreaming and listening and being frustrated and meeting language-based experience is both exhilarating and humbling. It leads the participants to self-knowledge and knowledge of others in our society. I’d love to see an education milieu where one can spend as much time and money on the arts as, say, football. Now, that’s a subversive thought. The Arts can do that to you!

Interdisciplinary Arts

Christine Bethea

Multi-Media Artist

She is fiber artist, quilter, mixed media, installation artist and writer who creates art from vintage fabrics salvaged wood and objects which have no obvious use. In this way, she stays true to her goals of reusing all potential resources in unique and artful ways.

Amber Coppings

I see the world best...intuitively and explicitly... through creative moments with color, texture and textiles. This understanding has manifested itself in my artwork through textural sewing, Japanese shibori fabric creations and surface pattern design.

Amanda Gross

Fiber Artist

To create is to bring a vision into being.  I believe in the positive power of art and art-making to bring people, ideas, and communities together to strengthen individual and collective learning, collaboration, and dreams.

Cole Hoyer-Winfield


As humans, each of our identities develop in a spontaneous fashion as our lives unfold. Each experience and interaction sprouts new strands of reality.

Maritza Mosquera

Interdisciplinary Artist

Maritza Mosquera is an artist, educator and community-transformation partner.  She has developed, organized, and presented new practices in arts education and artist-led community collaborations with several local, national and international organizations.

Emily Newman

Interdisciplinary Video Artist

As a visual artist, I am fascinated by the way all of us create representations as thoughts and objects every day. This very process is the subject matter of my work, the aim of which is to demonstrate to the people who participate in my projects, and to those who see its finished state, how meaning is made.

Tom Sarver

Interdisciplinary Artist

Tom Sarver is an interdisciplinary artist and puppeteer interested in creating accessible, interactive arts experiences for children and adults.  His puppet shows, created from everyday recycled materials, have explored a broad range of topics including Greek mythology, healthy eating habits, Middle Eastern folktales and Modern art. 

Carolyn Speranza

Interdisciplinary Artist

Carolyn Speranza has been working in digital media, site-specific art installation, and community-based public art for over two decades. She has created and led teams since 2000; coached community-project leadership programs (2008 –10); and run a citywide volunteer program (2004-05). Specializing in arts-based civic engagement since 2003, Speranza is highly motivated to make a difference in the world that is more than aesthetic in its impact.

Lindsay Woge

Creative-Reuse Designer

Being creative is a joyful experience that everyone – of every age, of every background, of every ability – can participate in, and its effects can be powerful: therapeutic, spiritual, energizing, reaffirming, unifying, and FUN! 

Folk Arts

Tina Williams Brewer

Fiber Artist

In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller, the relationship between art and real life offers a glimpse into our interconnectedness, our humanity.  Using the thread of humanity and the  goals of dignity and respect, my quilting process celebrates the journey.


Attack Theatre

Modern Dance & Choreography

Attack Theatre was founded in 1994 in Pittsburgh, PA by Peter Kope and Michele de la Reza and has reached tens of thousands of people with personal, accessible and collaborative dance-based performances.  Attack Theatre combines modern dance, original live music, multimedia and interdisciplinary art forms in traditional and non-traditional spaces throughout Pittsburgh, United States and the world. 


Modern Dance

Mary Miller/the Mary Miller Dance Company is committed to celebrating the wonder of movement and the diversity of our world both by creating high-quality, artistically challenging modern dance works in collaboration with all manner of other performing artists and by offering classes and performance opportunities to people of all ages, backgrounds, physical and mental abilities.


Adina DeRoy-Stouffer


Adina DeRoy-Stouffer is a jeweler and mixed media artist working and teaching in the Pittsburgh area for the past fifteen years. Working in metals, glass, metal clay, gemstones, and recycled materials, Adina draws inspiration from nature for her creations: leaves, trees, landscapes, animals, and shells are among the themes that are woven throughout her creations.

Linda Van Gehuchten

Wood Artist

My most recent work is sculptural in wood, carved, turned and at times painted.  My career encompasses the use of classical forms and techniques to reach beyond obvious solutions to design problems.

Saihou Omar Njie

Interdisciplinary Artist

Throughout his life and career, Saihou Omar Njie, aka SONJIE, has been educating and inspiring people with his craft. Known for his use of Batik-style art, dance, and mindfulness movement, he has developed his craft over the years in order to encourage and inspire others to be creative and innovative in their daily lives.