Pennsylvania Council on the Arts recently launched PaArtsMap, an on-line, interactive, customizable mapping tool that  illustrates the reach of arts education in Pennsylvania. Click on the map to see what kind of programs are going on near you.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how you could use the map to find out more about arts-in-education programming in your area:

Step 1. Click on this link, or the map above.

Step 2. Click on “I agree” on opening page

Step 3. Click on the “Build a Map” icon - little world with binoculars top center

Step 4. Select a category – e.g. PA House and then select what district

Step 5. Click “Build a Map” – it will zoom in to that selected area on the map

Step 6. Select the activity category(s) you’d like to see for that district and the fiscal year(s)– e.g. AIE Partnership Residencies for 2012 -13. Then click “Build a Report”

Step 7. Export the report to excel and then you will be able to manipulate it any way you’d like – e.g. total PCA $ spent in that district.

Recently, the map was featured on GeoDecisions website. Geodecisions helped developed the map and is very excited about it's use and features.

Online Links that will help you advocate for the arts:

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Citizens for the Arts in PA Advocacy Toolkit

Citizens for the Arts Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit

Feel free to download the flyer to the right and spread the word about the benefits of Artist Residencies available through Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts' School & Community Programs in partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

More Downloads and Links to come!