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Programs for children, teens, teachers, artists, schools, colleges, and communities. Brought to you through partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts' Arts in Education Partnership.
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Find out more about specific projects our Resident Artists/Teaching Artists are working on with students, teachers, administrators, parents and other community members throughout the Southwestern PA area.

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Artist Residency Program

The Artist Residency Program is designed to place trained, knowledgeable, and practicing artists into school and community settings where they can share the benefits of the creative process with active participants over an extended period of time.

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School & Community Programs at PF/PCA organizes and facilitates creative arts experiences in a variety of diverse settings that occur off of our Shadyside campus throughout the year.

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Meet the Resident Artists

We have over 40 Resident Artists in our program including visual artists, media artists, dancers, folk artists, musicians, photographers, glass artists, craft artists, and writers.

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Downloads, forms, and other resources for students, teachers and Resident/Teaching artists.

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We make it easy for your program to get involved in advocacy and help ensure that there is continued funding for the arts.

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We love hearing from potential host sites to answer questions and/or share ideas.

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The Artist Residency Program is brought to you with funding from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). Matching funds are available for qualifying schools and community organizations.

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) is a state agency charged with the development and promotion of the arts in the Commonwealth. To accomplish its mission, the PCA encourages educational excellence through participation in the creative process in schools and educational settings. Study of the arts provides Pennsylvania’s youth with positive models for teamwork, project management and goal setting, along with opportunities for academic achievement and intellectual and emotional discovery.