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Summer Pre- and Post-Camp Childcare
2012 Family Workshops and Sunday Samplers
Summer Adult Classes 2012 (June - August 2012)

Spring Art Classes for Children and Adults 2012
Summer Art Camps 2012
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Filmmaking & Digital Media

There are two digital media labs at PCA. The 512 sq. ft. Annie Seamans Media Arts Lab is located on the third floor and the 365 sq. ft. Media Lab B is located on the second floor of the Scaife Building. Both labs are outfitted with Apple computers, digital projection systems and offer internet access. There are six student workstations and an instructor workstation in each lab. The lab is continually updated and software available to students include Final Cut Editing Software, Adobe Creative Suite and Dragon Stop Motion as well as several other media creation programs which are added and updated regularly. Workshops, classes and camps for children and adults conducted in the media labs include those exploring photography, filmmaking and digital video. Animation classes held in the labs include traditional and computer animation working with equipment and materials ranging from Wacom Tablets to clay and construction paper. Browse classes:
Spring: Video, Animation , Music, Media Arts
Art Camps: Video, Animation , Music, Media Arts
Summer Adult Classes: Media Arts


PCA's 470 sq. ft. darkroom located on the second floor of the Scaife Building consists of three large areas, an enlarger room, a chemistry room and daylight room. There is also a large light-tight film loading room. The enlarger room is outfitted with 12 Bessler 23C II enlargers and a variety of easels are available including Saunders four-blade adjustable easels. The room also contains a large sink. The chemistry room has two sinks, film and print washers, and a film drying cabinet. The daylight room contains counter space, print dryers and light tables. Browse Classes:
Spring: Photography
Art Camps: Photography
Summer Adult Classes:Photography

Sculpture & Ceramics

PCA's facilities include a 3,000 sq. ft. Ceramics Studio. Our wheel room houses 16 electric potter's wheels and two kick wheels, as well as offering ample table space for handbuilding and refining projects. Amenities include a 4 cubic foot spray booth with built in electric wheel, two slab rollers, a wide variety of clay for sale onsite and personal storage space for student work. Four electric kilns are available for bisque, low and midrange firing. The kiln shed houses two large gas kilns, one for high fire stoneware and porcelain, and a newly built soda kiln for exploring soda glazing, as well as a state of the art raku kiln which operates in the Ira H. Gordon pavilion. A wide range of glazes and slips are available for finishing work.

Our 1,240 square foot Sculpture Studio is home to classes including mosaics, stone carving and figurative sculpture, among others. PCA has more than a dozen large sculpture stands, a wide variety of tools, large worktables, multiple sinks and storage space for student work. Browse Classes
Spring: 3D: Sculpture, 3D: Ceramics
Art Camps: 3D: Sculpture, 3D: Ceramics
Summer Adult Classes:3D: Sculpture, 3D: Ceramics


The Printmaking Studio includes three intaglio presses, a 22 x 28 inch spray booth and one large acid bath for plates. PCA keeps a well-stocked supply of tools, equipment and inks for block printing, etching, monotypes and screenprinting. Zinc plates and paper are available for sale onsite. At 995 square feet, the studio offers ample counter and tabletop space, as well as large homasote panels along the walls.
Browse Classes:
Spring: 2D: Printmaking
Art Camps: 2D: Printmaking
Summer Adult Classes: 2D: Printmaking

Drawing & Painting

PCA has two main studios for drawing and painting – the 2D Studio and the Upper Annex. The 2D Studio is a 1,300 square foot space with vaulted ceilings and windows on the north and east sides of the building. Locked painting storage is available for paintings up to 48 inches. The Upper Annex is a smaller more intimate space, at approximately 1000 square feet. Approximately two dozen easels, chairs and drawing tables are available for students in both studios, as are a variety of lights, stands, and props for model and still life setups. We offer classes in oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolor, ink, graphite and charcoal, as well as a host of mixed media classes. Browse Classes
Spring: 2D: Painting | 2D: Drawing | Mixed Media
Art Camps: 2D: Painting | 2D: Drawing | Mixed Media
Summer Adult Classes: 2D: Painting | 2D: Drawing | Mixed Media

Fiber Arts

The Fiber Arts department at PCA offers classes and workshops in weaving, soft sculpture, fabric dyeing, papermaking, bookmaking and more. Classes and workshops are held in various studios, as well as our Weaving Studio. The Weaving Studio houses thirty floor looms, ten table looms, one knitting machine and a wide variety of yarns and threads. Browse Classes
Spring: 3D: Fiber
Art Camps: 3D: Fiber
Summer Adult Classes: 3D: Fiber


Recognized as one of the finest jewelry studios in the region, our studio offers 16 workstations, each with an adjustable lamp and bench pin. Our supply cabinets and workstations are stocked with a host of tools and equipment for metalsmithing, enameling, lost wax casting, and PMC. We also offer classes and workshops in beaded and wire jewelrymaking. In addition to jewelrymaking and metalsmithing, we offer stained glass and robotics classes in the Jewelry Studio. Browse Classes
Spring: 3D: Jewelry
Art Camps: 3D: Jewelry
Summer Adult Classes:3D: Jewelry


The Writing program at PCA includes classes and workshops in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Writing classes are typically held in the Children's Studio. Classes are kept small for a more intimate experience.
Browse Classes:
Spring: Writing , Language
Art Camps: Writing , Language
Summer Adult Classes: Writing , Language

Family Programs

Family programs take place in all of PCA's studios. We host regular workshops and events for parents and children to create and learn about art together. Popular programs include our Family Workshops and pARTners classes. Browse Classes:
Child Teen and Family | 2012 Family Workshops and Sunday Samplers | Art Camps 2012


PCA Homeschool Classes offer homeschool and Cyber School students the opportunity to interact with other homeschooled students in a nurturing arts environment. These classes promote learning through kinesthetic exploration and are taught by artist educators from the Pittsburgh community. Class curriculum meets PA Academic Standards in art while focusing on student-centered experimentation and discovery.
Browse Classes:
Art Camps