Motion Picture Fundamentals

Prerequisite: None. 42 classroom hours.

Summer 2014
  • Full Summer | FLM101A Tue 6:00-9:15 Nugent Sign Up
  • Full Summer | FLM101B Thu 2:00-5:15 Zavala Sign Up
  • Summer I | FLM101X Mon & Wed 6:00-9:15 O'Steen Sign Up
  • Summer II | FLM101Y Tue & Thu 6:00-9:15 Bonev Sign Up

Motion Picture Fundamentals is a hands-on introduction to key photographic concepts and the core concepts of self-expression with moving images. Students shoot digital video, photographs and motion picture film to learn the basic principles and techniques of light, composition, camerawork, editing and storytelling. All equipment is provided, including 35mm still cameras, HD camcorders, super-8 film cameras and digital workstations with Apple's Final Cut editing software. Those unfamiliar with Mac OS should consider taking "Introduction to Digital Editing" prior to or concurrent with this course. Students pay for film, videotape and lab costs. Grading is based on student projects and written exams. In addition to tuition, a $70 course fee is charged.