"After graduating from the Filmmaking Intensive, I feel thoroughly equipped to pursue videography and narrative filmmaking.  Both the enthusiastic staff and my fellow aspiring filmmakers have jump-started my confidence and hunger for years of meaningful collaboration with people who truly care just as much as I do."
-Jason Sealy, Filmmaking Intensive graduate

Students completing all the requirements of the program are immediately eligible (for up to six months after graduation) for an apprenticeship program.  This is an optional, no-cost career guidance program. The School agrees to make attempts to place the apprenticeship participant in an internship (usually unpaid) with a professional media production agency or refer participants to paid media production work positions, either temporary or permanent, as such positions arise during the apprenticeship period. 

In addition, the School will provide the following services which the participant may take advantage of: interview coaching, portfolio review, providing a job reference, invitation to a networking event and a one-year, full-access membership to Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  The School does not guarantee placement in an internship or paid position, as the hiring decisions for such positions are made by agencies other than the School.



  • Portfolio review.  PF will give guidance in the creation of a résumé and sample reel of students' work.
  • Interview coaching.  PF staff (not faculty) will conduct practice interviews, shot on video if the student likes, and give feedback and advice on students' interviewing skills.
  • Internships.  Pittsburgh Filmmakers (PF) will attempt to secure placement in an internship in the media production field.  We will coordinate any internship that begins within the six-month period.  Since interns are selected by agencies outside of PF, we cannot guarantee placement. 
  • Paid gigs.  PF will refer paid job openings—usually short-term work on shoots—to interested students as we hear about them.

FIRST 12 MONTHS AFTER GRADUATION (May through following April)

  • Networking Event.  Students get free admission to the Media Mixer, held once a year at PF.
  • Access Membership.  Students have full Digital/Film/Video access to PF equipment and facilities, following regular PF equipment access guidelines (use for unpaid projects only).


  • Continuing Education.  Students may enroll at no charge in up to 3 regular (not Intensive) classes offered at PF.
  • Job Reference/Letters.  PF wants to support students' career.  Students may list full-time faculty members as references, and we will write a letter of recommendation if requested.