"Passage" as text, "Passage" as travel, "Passage" as change over time, "Passage" as architecture. "Set" as pair, "set" as illusionistic architecture, "Set" as device, "Set" as in mathematics... . The work is drawn from architectural images shot in and around Tokyo, Japan and Karlsruhe, Germany contrasting the past and the present, focusing on travel, motion, and light. An elaborate poetic text and soundtrack present the viewer with fields of meaning, forming an accumulated network of associations. An interface with superimposed text shot in Sydney, Australia forms one system of navigation. The viewer can also navigate through an elaborate set of linguistic links. Images of a female and male participant, generating a series of abstract gestures, present a poetic musing on future interface relations. A set of "projections" dealing with notions related to sensuality/sexuality and identity in cyberspace are presented. The conceptual displacement or complex "space" engendered by future communication/sensual feedback systems is one field of poetic focus. The images reflect a superimposition or collision of psychological regions/states. The notion that a person in one part of the world can interact in a sensual/sexual manner with another person existing elsewhere, or with phantom identities engendered by the computer is also an area of reflection. The navigation of illusionistic spaces ("sets") and historical media is also explored. The viewer is in one space, looking at another space (as menu system), navigating a superimposed alternate poetic linguistic space, which in turn triggers related associational video spaces. Simultaneously an autonomous poem generator constructs a linguistic space based on the displacement of language presented in the navigational poem. The conceptual superimposition of this entirety of spaces defines an open work and generates a floating/shifting mind space for the viewer. Information technologies are forming new kinds of hybrid environments. PASSAGE SETS poetically reflects on a potential future realm of sensual communication and exchange.