Capra Restored

Frank Capra championed the underdog when optimism was in short supply. His revered films contributed to an American mythology infused with populist sentiment, which favored small town values and working class people over the rich and powerful. While most of his films were made during the Great Depression, his message remains quite relevant. It helps that Capra worked with some of the most magnificent actors from Hollywood's Golden Age. Here are five of his greatest works, presented in beautiful new digital restorations. See them with your neighbors.

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Polish Masterpieces

After visiting the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in 2011, Martin Scorsese was struck by the astonishing achievements of Poland’s national cinema, particularly from 1957 to 1987, a golden age of Polish auteurs. He then organized (with The Film Foundation and distributor Milestone Films) a restoration project and touring program of the films. The seven titles selected here represent some of Poland's most accomplished directors. They are digitally remastered, with new subtitles.

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