Faces of Work

Mar. 27


Harris Theater
Fri, Mar 27

Fri, Mar 27

The "Faces" Film Festival takes place every year in the spring and presents a wide spectrum of contemporary world cinema, focusing on a different annual theme that addresses a current social issue; previous themes were Democracy (2007), Mechanization (2008), Realism (2009), Globalization (2010), Migration (2011), Others (2012), Media (2013), and Work (2014). The festival presents 14-18 international narrative features, documentaries, and shorts each year.  Visit www.cmu.edu/faces for more info.

Three of the screenings will take place at our theaters:

A Master Builder w/director Jonathan Demme
March 19, 7:15pm, Regent Square Theater

Shortfaces Film Competition
March 22, 2:30pm, Melwood Screening Room

Ghosts of Amistad w/director Tony Buba
March 27, 4:30pm, Harris Theater

Please Note: Filmmakers' passes and discounts will not be accepted at these screenings.