Pittsburgh Filmmakers offers many options for the artist working with motion picture film:

  • Super-8 Canon, Minolta and Sankyo cameras with a variety of features such as macro lenses and intervalometers.
  • 16mm RX5 Bolex cameras, Eclair NPR cameras
  • Arriflex cameras including Arri-S, Arri-BL, Arri-SR and an Arri-SRII modified for super 16.
  • Splicers and bench editing stations
  • Steenbeck 4-, 6- and 8-plate flatbeds
  • MagnaSync recorder
  • iso booth for recording voice-overs
  • Final Cut Pro suites for digital editing

For a complete listing of all our cameras and accessories, please refer to the rates below.


Our Melwood Avenue facility contains a small soundstage, which may be reserved for up to a week at a time, featuring:

  • a lighting grid
  • over forty 20-amp circuits
  • green-screen wall
  • a rack of paper seamless backdrops
  • a black curtain able to cover three walls
  • a loading dock for easy access

For a complete listing of all our cameras and accessories, please refer to the rates below.


Pittsburgh Filmmakers offers plenty of options for recording and mixing audio:

  • analog and digital recorders
  • a wide range of microphones
  • a ProTools mixing suite
  • Nagra 4.2 reel-to-reel machines
  • Marantz PMD digital recorders
  • Sennheiser and Audio Technica condensor microphones
  • Sony and LectroSonic lavaliers (including wireless) microphones
  • dynamic mics

For a complete listing of all our cameras and accessories, please refer to the rates below.


Whether you work with film or video, or both, we have the lights and grip equipment you need:

  • 200W Inkies
  • 2K fresnels
  • lights and kits by Lowel, Sachtler, Mole-Richardson and more
  • Sekonic digital and analog meters

For a complete listing of all our cameras and accessories, please refer to the rates below.


Canon 1014XL-S sound 15.00
Canon 814XL-S sound 15.00
Canon 814 silent 10.00
Minolta XL401 silent 10.00
Sankyo EM40XL 10.00
Sankyo EM60XL 10.00
Wide angle/telephoto adapter for Canon 1014XL/814XL 5.00
Bogen Jr. tripod 5.00
Arriflex SR/SR II Super 16 12-120 w/ Zeiss Crystal sync motor & accessories 65.00
Eclair NPR w/ Angeniewx 12-120 w/ Crystal sync motor & accessories 60.00
Arriflex BL x/ Angeniewx 12-120 w/ Crystal sync motor & accessories 60.00
Arriflex S w/ accessories 35.00
Frezzolini 16 w/ Angenieux 12-120, Accessories available 35.00
Bolex Rx 5 w/ Accessories 35.00
Bolex (Rx 2, Rx 4, Sbm), Accessories available 30.00
Angenieux 12-120mm T2.8 25.00
Vario Switar 17-85mm T3.8 12.00
Macro Switar 26mm T1.3 Rx 15.00
Macro Switar 75mm T1.9 15.00
6mm WA adapter for 10mm Rx 8.00
"C" mount primes-various (Rx, non-Rx) 10.00
"S" mount primes-various (9-500mm) 10.00
Arri-SR Lens Kit (12mm, 9.5mm, 5.7mm) 20.00
Sachtler 16.00
Big Bogen 12.00
Miller fluid head, Bogen legs w/ spreader 10.00
Miller fluid on sticks w/ spreader 8.00
Arri gyro on sticks w/ spreader 8.00
O'Connor PL on aluminum legs w/ spreader 8.00
Quickset 8.00
Bogen mini fluid head 8.00
Baby legs 5.00
Hi-hat 5.00
Spreader 3.00
Wheeled spreader 5.00
Samson Dolly 5.00
Skateboard dolly w/ tracks 15.00
Battery belt 3.00
Sekonic incident analog meter 5.00
Sekonic 508-C 5.00
Cable Release 2.00
Pentax spotmeter 5.00
Arriflex shoulder brace 2.00
Bolex pistol grip 2.00
Bolex intervalometer 5.00
Arri S intervalometer 5.00
Slate 2.00
Changing Bag 2.00
French flag 2.00
FILM FACILITIES (in-house only)
(splicers, viewers, synchronizers, split reels, take-up reels, editing lamps, art tapes included)
Steenbeck 8 plate editor 20/day
Steenbeck 6 plate editor 11/day
Steenbeck 4 8/day
16mm editing bench 6/day
Oxberry animation stand 18/day
JK optical printer 18/day
16mm rotoscope 10/day
Contact Printer 10/day
16mm projectors 6/day
Super 8mm projectors 6/day
Sound transfer room 10/day
Pro Tools 8 HD audio mixing suite 60/100
Conforming room w/ cores and cement 6/day
Super 8 editing bench 3/day
Screening room TBA
Sound Stage (room only) 25/50
Sound Stage (lighting grid) 40/75


(rental price includes stands)
Spider Lite Kit (1 Light) 15.00
Spider Lite Kit (2 Lights) 25.00
Kino Flo Diva light kit 25.00
Kino Flo 4 Bank kit 40.00
Lowel DP frame kit 20.00
Lowel DP kit 18.00
Lowel omni kit ** 15.00
Tota omni kit** 15.00
Arri kit 18.00
Cosmo kit 15.00
Location kit 12.00
650 (LQD) kit 12.00
Sachtler kit 20.00
Hollywood mini 50w car adaptor kit 10.00
Colortran square kit 12.00
Acme kit 12.00
1k kit 12.00
Inkie kit 12.00
Lowel softlight 10.00
Mole 1k zip 10.00
Mole 2k zip 10.00
Stand bambino fresnel (2K) 12.00
1k fresnel 11.00
1k mickey mole 10.00
2k mighty mole 10.00
Inkie 6.00
Midget solar 6.00
1k colortran 6.00
650 colortran 6.00
Halogen worklight** 5.00
Reflectors** 2.00
Bescor battery light kit 18.00
LED-160 battery light 6.00
C-stand** 7.00
Apple Box (half/full)** 3.00
Apple crate** 2.00
Extra Gobo arms/heads** 2.00
Matthews stand 5.00
Mole stand 2.00
Pic stand** 2.00
4x4 flags/silks** 7.00
Flags/silks/nets/cookies** 2.00
Flexfill** 3.00
Cardellini clamp** 2.00
Mafer clamp** 2.00
Gator clamp** 2.00
Baby to Junior adapters** 2.00
Pidgeon plate** 2.00
Bogen magic arm** 3.00
Sandbag** 1.00
** Equipment listed in Film/VIdeo Lighting followed by double asterix** is also available for Photo/Digital Lighting


Marantz PMD 660/670 digital recorder 25.00
Nagra 4.2 w/ ATN, crystal sync internal resolver 25.00
Sony dat walkman 25.00
Shure mic mixer 10.00
Sony MX-10L mic mixer 8.00
Large boom 7.00
Medium boom 6.00
Small boom 5.00
Pistol grip 3.00
Softie/zeppelin 3.00
Headphones 2.00
XLR Pro mixer 10.00
Beachtek Mixer 10.00
Mic stands 5.00
Sennheiser ME-80 directional mic 8.00
Sennheiser ME-20/-40/-88 heads 3.00
Sennheiser ME-66 directional mic 8.00
Sennheiser ME-62/ME-64 heads 3.00
Audio Technica 835 directional mic 5.00
Audio Technica 897 directional mic 5.00
ECM 50/55 lavaliers 8.00
Pro 88 wireless mics 8.00
Lectrosonic wireless 11.00
RE-11/RE-15 6.00
AT R55 5.00
SHURE SM 11 5.00
SHURE SM 58 7.00
EV C090 5.00
AUDIO FACILITIES (in-house only)
Sound transfer room 10.00
Pro Tools 8 HD audio mixing suite 60/100


There are two ways to structure your Film Access Membership:

1. Basic Access Membership: $75
Basic access allows you to use equipment and facilities on a pay-as-you-go rental basis. When you come in to use equipment/facilities or take out equipment, you will pay the rental fees listed in our rates above.

2. Full Access: $375
(Individual membership fee $75 + Access package $300)
Full access allows you to use our equipment and facilities on a rent-free basis. You will not have to pay the rental rates listed above.

In order to gain access and use our equipment/facilities, you are required to complete a membership application and demonstrate your ability to operate the equipment you wish to have access to with an in-person demonstration.

Please contact our equipment office at 412-681-9500 to schedule an in-person demonstration (test out) for Access at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Supplies available from the Filmmakers Equipment Office