Access Application

Access Members have pay-as-you-go access to equipment and studios, access to Artist Services, and the opportunity to participate in governance at PF/PCA. Access Members may opt to purchase an access package or pass in addition to their basic membership for rental-free access throughout the year. To become an Access Member, first complete and submit this form. You may also download and print here: Access Membership Application

Next, we ask that all applicants demonstrate the ability to operate the equipment with an in-person demonstration:

Video, Photo, Film, Digital: 412-681-9500, Equipment Office
Printmaking: 412-361-0455, Conor McGrann Printmaking studio coordinator
Ceramics: Access in Ceramics is currently at capped capacity. Sign up for the wait-list.

Following your test out, we can complete your membership by processing payment in-person or over-the-phone.

Determine Your Membership Level
All prices listed above are in addition to the basic access membership. You MUST pay the basic membership fees ($75) in order to purchase a package. A second package of equal or lesser value may be purchased for 1/2 price. PACKAGE: 12-month access package to use equipment/facilities on a rent-free basis PASS: 30-visit access pass for in-house facility usage
All applicants will be asked to demonstrate proficiency with the equipment intended for use. In the event that an applicant does not pass the equipment test-out, they may be asked to reschedule or take the relevant PF/PCA class. Applicants who have taken a class at Filmmakers and passed with a C or better may be exempt from testing out for the equipment covered in that class.