Romancing the Tone

This is a group show of language-based works featuring six artists: Lenka Clayton, Corey Escoto, Rachel E Foster, David Leggett, Rebecca Mir and Sayward Schoonmaker. Each will examine personal and cultural relationships through language. While text use in contemporary art is commonplace, these artists move beyond writing a single word or phrase - asking viewers to take the time to actively read or listen to the work. Rachel Foster scours the internet, collecting evidence of things nearly invisible, and through sculpture, printmaking and photography she stabilizes them with a physicality. David Leggett uses images, text and pop culture references to examine the information that inundates us on a daily basis. Rebecca Mir looks at language as one tool of communication in relationships with nature, distilling their essence into objects, drawings and letters. Sayward Schoonmaker's work takes many forms, illuminating the intersection of language and experience.