Careers in Photography

"Expect to work. Hard. But the program really represents a conversation on our progress as photographers. We've covered a great deal of ground influenced by our own feedback and questions. It genuinely feels like each instructor in this program is wholly committed to seeing us succeed."
-Laura Wetzel, Photography Intensive student

Graduates of the Photography Intensive program have several options for a career in the field, including working for established studios or photographers, news organizations or businesses. There are full-time job possibilities, however most photographers in the current market work as freelance artists in portrait, fashion and product photography. Other options include documentary or editorial work for online publications or a variety of websites. Photography Intensive graduates can also offer basic video skills to potential clients. Some graduates may be interested in post-production, working in the field of photographic retouching or printing. Regardless of the options, students completing the program will be trained in the basics of starting their own business.

Graduates from this program may also want to pursue personal projects. To that end, after earning their diploma, they'll receive a one-year membership to Pittsburgh Filmmakers. With a membership, graduates have 24-hour access to equipment, digital labs and darkroom facilities. In addition, graduates will have the opportunity to enroll in a limited number of free classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ School of Film, Photography, and Digital Media for up to two years.

Examples of employment in the photography field:

  • Advertising/Commercial Photographer
  • Food/Product Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Photographic Studio Assistant
  • Photo Image Library Archivist
  • Equipment Sales Associate
  • Youth Video Instructor
  • Events Photographer
  • Portrait and Wedding Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Photographic Lab Processor and Printer
  • Web Multimedia Content Producer
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Still Photographer for Film Shoots