Co-curated by Sarah Humphrey and Adam Welch, the show's concept addresses the challenges associated with documenting and exhibiting performance-driven works of art: the role of the viewer/participant, the use of social media in performance art, and the culture of reality TV.  Designed to be presented in two phases, it also examines site-specificity and physical presence in exhibition-making.  

Part I is a performance in which the public is invited to observe and participate in the construction and destruction of a physical space. The three artists involved will document the course of events that transpire through interviews and social media reporting in different media, including photography and video. The performance will be made available to off-site audiences in several additional locations through live-streaming via webcam.

Part II of the exhibit consists of the material remains of this event being re-staged and reconfigured within the context of a traditional gallery setting. Over the two weeks which elapse between the performance event and exhibition opening, each of the participating artists will distill, discard, enhance, edit, and re-contextualize their particular accounts of the performance.


Artist Bios

Kyle Vannoy is a local video and performance artist whose short, site-specific works have been screened at venues throughout Pittsburgh over the past several years, including the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the College Inn Project. His first feature-length film is currently in post-production.

Nina Marie Barbuto is an accomplished artist with a background in architecture. She is also director of Assemble, a new arts venue in Garfield. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, her work was recently featured in The Mattress Factory's Gestures 16 exhibition, as well as Assemble's The Ley Line.

Gena Salorino is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied  Architecture and Art History. She has exhibited works on paper and presented a number of performance pieces at galleries and art spaces throughout the East End and in her hometown of Erie, PA.