The White Show: Subtlety in the Age of Spectacle

The contemporary work in this show, in a variety of mediums, is mainly or completely white in color. The 20 artists are: Jaq Belcher, Jeremy Boyle, David Burke, Ellen Carey, Eva Faye, Mark Franchino, Jane Haskell, Michael Hegedus, Marietta Hoferer, Delanie Jenkins, Simone Jones, Michael Kukla, Amanda Means, Julia Morrisroe, John Noestheden, Bill Radawec, Nigel Rolfe, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Lenore Thomas, and Brett Yasko. "In the often chaotic cacophony of contemporary art, we sometimes stumble upon the pause that refreshes, a whisper instead of a scream, an enticement instead of a demand. Silence, quiet, peace, contemplation exert themselves as exceptions. In our confusing and contested world, we can create a space to concentrate on an alternative kind of art that gently yields its message and power to the thoughtful viewer. Let's slowdown and allow this art to reverberate, to resonate, to settle, and to whisper." - curator Vicky A. Clark