The printmaking studio, located at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts school (Scaife Building), provides print artists with materials for intaglio and relief printing, which include:

  • Graphic Chemical inks in a range of colors and blacks
  • tarlatans for wiping plates and ink modifiers
  • acids for both zinc and copper etching
  • grounds, solvents, blotters and newsprint
  • rosin is available but the studio does not currently have a rosin box
  • a range of tools including rulers, scrapers, burnishers, brayers and etching needles
  • monotype inks and base in waterborne form are stocked
  • a range of Plexiglas plates and some tools specific to monotype processes


The studio is equipped with two presses:

  • the large press has a thirty-nine inch wide bed and has been recently refurbished, capable of handling a full 24 x 36 inch plate.
  • the second press, a Sturges Eching Press, Model CP-5 has a 28 x 48 inch steel bedplate. This bed size allows about 34 inches of usable bed.

There is a large hot plate available for applying grounds and a small dry-box. A small spray box is also available. Storage is very limited at this time and is generally unavailable.


Printmaking Studio use 10.00/hr
For sale from the PCA Office:
Paper $2
8 x 10 Plates $15
5 x 7 Plates $10
4 x 5 Plates $7


There are two ways to structure your Printmaking Access Membership:

1. Basic Access Membership: $75
Basic access allows you to use equipment and facilities on a pay-as-you-go rental basis. When you come in to use equipment/facilities, you will pay the rental fees listed in our rates above.

2. Full Access: $375
(Individual membership fee $75 + Access package $300)
Full access allows you to use our equipment and facilities on a rent-free basis. You will not have to pay the rental rates listed above.

In order to gain access and use our equipment/facilities, you are required to complete a membership application and demonstrate your ability to operate the equipment you wish to have access to with an in-person demonstration.

Please contact our Printmaking studio coordinator, Conor McGrann at 412-361-0455 or email to schedule an in-person demonstration (test out) for Access to the Printmaking studio.