With electric potter’s wheels, sculpture stands, a slab roller, a finishing station with over a dozen high fire glazes, electric kilns, a portable Raku kiln, the Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Gordon Pavilion for Raku firings, and the region’s largest gas car kiln, our ceramic facilities are fully equipped for the independent artist.


The ceramics studio is located in the basement of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts school (Scaife Building) and is a community studio with a wheel room, glaze area, and kiln room which include:

  • 3 electric wheels
  • two kick/electric wheels
  • a slab roller
  • two clay extruders
  • a plaster wedging/reclaim table
  • a concrete wedging table
  • two canvas covered work tables
  • The glaze area has a work table and extensive glaze samples of our 20 or so cone 10 glazes, and 8 raku glazes. All glazes are formulated and mixed in‐house.


The kiln room has a recently new pug mill (for reclaiming clay) and three plaster drying tables. Firing schedules are posted at the beginning of each term.

  • the ceramics program is equipped with 3 electric kilns
  • one approximately 60 cubic foot gas kiln
  • a new, portable Raku kiln

The studio keeps a stock of a large variety of clay:

  • low‐fire terra cotta and red earthenware
  • cone 6 raku clay
  • 6 or 7 different high fire stonewares and porcelains

Anything else can be special ordered as needed. All clay must be purchased from the PCA.


Ceramics Studio use 10.00/hr
Ringo Kiln $20/firing minimum
Electric Kilns $30/firing minimum
Gas Kiln $40/firing minimum
Raku Firing $300/5 hours**
**fees apply to all members and students for Raku firing
Firing fee for work 14 inches or higher (fee applies to basic and full members) $5/firing
For sale from the PCA Office:
Clay $35 flat rate
Clay Tool Kit $15


There are two ways to structure your Ceramics Access Membership:

1. Basic Access Membership: $75
Basic access allows you to use equipment and facilities on a pay-as-you-go rental basis. When you come in to use equipment/facilities, you will pay the rental fees listed in our rates above.

2. Full Access: $675
(Individual membership fee $75 + Access package $600)
Full access allows you to use our equipment and facilities on a rent-free basis. You will not have to pay the rental rates listed above.

In order to gain access and use our equipment/facilities, you are required to complete a membership application and demonstrate your ability to operate the equipment you wish to have access to with an in-person demonstration.

Please contact our Ceramics studio coordinator, Kyle Houser at 412-361-0455 x388 or email kyle@pittsburgharts.org to schedule an in-person demonstration (test out) for Access to the Ceramics studio.