The Pittsburgh Filmmakers Library is open to the community but borrowing privileges are limited to:

  • PF/PCA staff and faculty
  • PF/PCA students during the semesters that they are enrolled
  • PF/PCA Artist Members in good standing


The first time a student, artist member, faculty member, or staff member uses the library, they will be asked to fill out a personal information sheet. They will then be issued a Patron card. This card must be presented any time the patron uses library materials. This card must be renewed every semester for students, and every year for members.


Students and Artists Members may check out books for two weeks at a time.Books placed on reserve by faculty, including all textbooks, also do not circulate for 3 days. Patrons are limited to 5 books at a time. All production media; stock footage, royalty free music and sound effects; may be checked out for up to three days and each patron is limited to 5 items at a time. Periodicals, DVDs, VHS tapes, and photography collections do not circulate and may not leave the library. However, faculty and staff may check out photographic collections, DVDs and VHS tapes for one week.

*When assessing fines, days when the library is closed will not be counted. Materials deposited in the drop box after closing will be considered to have been returned the next day that the library is open.

Patrons who have outstanding fines or late materials not returned may not check out any other material until the fines are paid and the materials are returned. Students owing fines or materials at the end of the semester may have their grades held until the fines are paid and the material returned.


We ask that patrons consider others when using the computers for personal use. Under no circumstances are patrons to download or save files to the library computers. Since the computers are in a public space, the library reserves the right to deny patrons the right to view or listen to obscene or inappropriate material.