Independent Students

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ School of Filmmaking and Photography encourages and supports creativity and experimentation at all levels of all our production areas. We believe students should leave our program with a working knowledge of all aspects of their medium. We achieve this by giving students hands-on experience in all of these areas. Small classes enable students to work closely with experienced faculty members. The School’s classes are made up of a mixture of college students taking classes for credit and Independent (non-credit) students from the community. Our classes may be taken for ACT 48 continuing education hours. Pittsburgh Filmmakers' School of Filmmaking and Photography is an approved SAA provider for G.I. Bill benefits.

Independent students are those not affiliated with a local college or university, registering directly with Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Prospective students should have a high school diploma (or GED); high school seniors maypetition for admittance. Youth (ages 5-17) who are interested in media arts classes can enroll through the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Youth Media Program at our other arts campus, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ classes may be taken by Independent Students on either a non-credit or "credit transcript" basis. Classes may be taken individually or students may choose to apply to one or our three Certificate programs. Independent, non-credit tuition is $390 per course, with an additional course fee of either $35 or $70. Tuition is discounted by $40 if students register on or before the Early Registration Discount Deadline.