Revealing Place: Photographs from Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Texas

Please Note: the end of the show date has been changed to March 8 from March 15, due to work being done to the gallery.

Students from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas; University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri; and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, were asked to use the camera to explore groups, phenomena, and locations - things that are cultural barometers of their respective communities. Their combined efforts provide a telling snapshot of the United States at this moment in history.

The concept of three separate colleges collaborating on this region-specific project began with three professors: Pittsburgh-based documentary photographer Dylan Vitone, assistant professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University (who worked as chief organizer for the project); Joe Johnson, professor of photography at University of Missouri; and Joseph Vitone, professor of photo communications at St. Edwards University. Each worked simultaneously with their own photography students as a semester-length project.

The 36 student photographers have three images each in the show - for a total of 108 photos - featuring a wide range of subjects. "The students picked something they felt strongly about and recorded that subject throughout the semester," Dylan Vitone said. The formats vary as well. Some students wanted the speed of digital cameras, while others enjoyed traditional 35mm film cameras.

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