The Practical Romantic

Lewis Colburn's installation, The Practical Romantic, consists of a sculpture and photographs. The sculpture is a replica of a rock formation in Germany, the site for Kaspar David Friedrich's painting The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog. The photos were taken with the sculpture in Philadelphia's Kensington district, where the sculpture serves as a set transposing Friedrich's image of romantic nature into Colburn's own rapidly changing Philly neighborhood. Colburn earned his MFA in sculpture at Syracuse University.

Coinciding with the Artist of the Year/Emerging Artist of the Year exhibitions are solo exhibits by Lewis Colburn, Jennifer Williams and Bohyun Yoon. As part of an ongoing exchange between artists affiliated with Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PCA) and artists affiliated with the Center For Emerging Visual Arts (CFEVA) in Philadelphia, these three highly accomplished artists - all recent CFEVA fellowship honorees - will be exhibiting recent works.