Pigment and Silver

This group exhibit showcases the portfolios of these five artists: Ellen Bjerklie-Hanna  A. Jason Coleman, Danielle Goshay, Brenda Roger and Cynthia Zordich. Two of these photographers earned a certificate after completing 12 college-level courses. Two are artist members who wanted to take photo classes to challenge themselves and further their artistic skills, and one is a full-time staff member who also wanted to take advantage of advanced level classes offered in the photography program at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.   

"These students were encouraged to experiment, explore and eventually find their personal style or voice in the medium," says Associate Professor Sue Abramson, head of the photography program.

Coleman, Goshay and Roger create mysterious and surreal imagery, playing with optics, chemistry and materials. They celebrate aberrations, ghosts and abstract forms that enter our subconscious. Coleman uses old lenses and creative optic effects. Roger employs multiple exposures combining pinhole and lens cameras, then prints using a 19th century process called salt printing. Goshay's work is created using a photogram process or scanner, thus they are cameraless images. "This work is more experimental and so it intrigues and frustrates," says Abramson.

Bjerklie-Hanna and Zordich explore loss and life's transitions. Zordich uses wall text with traditional-style portraits to document football players after they've retired from the game. Bjerklie-Hanna experiments with a plastic Holga camera and composite imagery. She looks at her aging parents through their home and their possessions, as she anticipates their passing. "The images from both of these photographers allow an emotional connection with the viewer," says Abramson.