Equipment Use

Equipment is divided into two categories: In-House equipment and Out-of-House equipment. This distinction refers to whether or not the equipment borrower is permitted to take the equipment away from the Pittsburgh Filmmakers building. All equipment is available to be used in the building. However, only items designated as Out-of-House equipment maybe taken off the premises. In-House equipment is strictly for use in the Filmmakers building.




Borrowing equipment for Out-of-House use is a process comprised of three procedures

  • Make a Reservation*

    Reservations may be made in-person during the Hours of Operation, or by phone by calling 412-681-9500*

    *reservations can not be made on Monday before 4pm or on Friday after 2pm

  • Check out the Equipment

    You must have your Filmmakers ID card to do this. No exceptions. Be sure to check your equipment before you take it out of the building. Equipment must be checked out by the student/member that made the reservation.

  • Check-In the Equipment

For more details about Reserving and Checking-Out Equipment click here.

You can also see more details about Reserving and Checking-Out Equipment by downloading our Operations Handbook.