Black and White Photography III

Prerequisite: Black and White Photography II or Intermediate Digital Photography. 42 classroom hours.

Fall 2014
  • PHT311A Mon 6:00-9:00 Abramson Sign Up

After the first introductory assignment, students in this advanced black and white class focus on individual long term projects in order to understand the process of creating a portfolio. By photographing one subject for the entire semester students learn how imagery evolves and how to deal with problems that arise when working over an extended period of time. Students have the option of working with either film or digital capture and printing can be in the darkroom or digital labs. All students are introduced to scanning and large format digital printing. The class will learn advanced exposure and development techniques, along with advanced darkroom and digital printing methods. The class format consists of lectures, demonstrations, laboratory time and critiques. Class discussions cover subject matter, optimum print size, editing, sequencing and presentation. Extensive outside time is required. Grading is based on assignments, the final portfolio and attendance. In addition to tuition, a $70 course fee is charged.