Black and White Photography II

Prerequisite: Black and White Photography I or Introduction to Photography: Darkroom and Digital. 42 classroom hours.

Fall 2014
  • PHT211A Wed 6:00-9:00 Tohara Sign Up

This production course is an extension of Black and White Photography I. Students learn to visually articulate their ideas and discuss their work and the work of others through group critiques. Students should have basic technical skills and knowledge of camera mechanisms, film developing and printing. The course is designed to refine these fundamentals and explore other, more complex issues in photography. Assignments and critiques focus on content, long exposures, fine grain versus grainy film and medium format cameras. Fiber printing, archival preservation, matting and an introduction to digital scanning and printing are also covered. Considerable outside work is necessary to complete the assignments. Grading is based on assignments, final portfolio and attendance. In addition to tuition, a $70 course fee is charged.