Acting for the Camera

Prerequisite: None. (Filmmaking or acting experience is highly recommended.) 42 classroom hours.

Fall 2014
  • FLM241A Mon 6:00-9:00 Monahan Sign Up

This course is designed for actors who would like to improve their craft by better understanding the differences between acting for the stage and acting for the camera, and for film and television directors who would like to work more effectively with actors. Contrasts between stage and screen acting in specific shooting scripts are examined and followed with appropriate script study, character analysis and exercises in film acting techniques. Each class includes a lecture, videotaped examples of performances for analysis and practical experience in working before a camera. Course requirements include outside reading, preparation and rehearsal of scenes for taping in class, outside viewing of film and television programs and written analyses of performances. Grading is based on performance, effort and written analyses. In addition to tuition, a $35 course fee is charged.