Untitled I

Untitled I is a first collaboration between artists Jeremy Boyle and Mark Franchino. The central work, also titled Untitled I, combines their decade long creative interests (systems, communication, definition, context and value) into a sculptural installation. With the conflation of cheap material, careful construction, high and low tech, the work arrives in a simultaneous space of cynical observation and playful/imaginative thought. In addition to the central collaborative installation, both artists have included bodies of independent work in a wide range of media (drawing, sound, video, sculpture) that reinforces the broad range of thematic interest investigated within Untitled I.

Artist/musician Boyle is currently the co-director of the Children's Innovation Project at the CREATE Lab of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and Assistant Professor of Art at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Franchino, a curator and artist working in sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and video, is an Associate Professor of Art at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Jeremy Boyle

Mark Franchino