Special Events

You may need to create a memorable, signature style event that builds better teams and puts plans in motion. We have the ability and resources to customize and create all types of events. You are sure to find variety, flexibility and flair for your distinctive event in one of our galleries, or have a concert or Baby Shower in our new Center Stage facility or view a film or participate in a raku firing at the Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gordon Pavilion. We work hard to support your efforts, give your programs value, and garner positive attention and recurring relationships.

A successful event is the result of real partnership. You'll get the right combination of facilities, convenient access and dedicated service for your event at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

We know what we can do, but we want to focus on what you want, and transform your ideas into something that brings value and comfort, and outstanding customer service, and deliver it in a different way.