Master Visual Artists: Preserving the Legacy

Artist talk with: Gary Jurysta, David Lewis, Marjorie F. Shipe, & Paul Zelevansky - Saturday Nov 2, 11:00am.

This exhibit honors artists in their later years and hopes to bring awareness to the region's history and wealth of outstanding artists. The selection committee was looking for artists - 60 and older - who have had a noticeable career of artistic attainment, with a measurable impact on Southwestern Pennsylvania, and are still creating.These ten new honorees join 50 outstanding visual artists honored in five previous exhibitions. The last exhibition was held in 2005 at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

The 2013 honorees:
Tadao Arimoto is a sculptor/woodworker/furniture designer. He was born in Japan and moved to Pittsburgh in 1976. He has taught woodworking for more than 25 years. His work can be seen at Chatham University, where he designed and built exterior doors and windows, as well as benches and tables in the Sarah Heinz House.

Tina Williams Brewer is a fiber artist widely recognized for her story quilts. Her pieces are inspired by African and African American spirituality and history. She has been an educator and exhibiting artist for more than 30 years.

Gary Jurysta is an abstract painter who works on both flat canvas, and sculptured, optical-color field explorations on curved canvas. He has been exhibiting since 1962, and has works in both public and private collections, locally and nationally.

David Lewis is an architect, painter, sculptor, writer and urban designer who grew up in South Africa and moved to Pittsburgh in 1963 to teach at Carnegie Mellon University. He's a founding partner of Urban Design Associates, and currently makes steel sculptures.

Constance Merriman works in painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, book art, and video installation, with a focus on multi-faceted environmental art projects. She's been an educator, curator and has exhibited for more than 25 years.

Risë Nagin is a textile artist and painter who makes quilts, kimonos and books. She is known for a distinctive handling of materials, technique and color. She has exhibited regionally and internationally for 30 years.

Chuck Olson is an arts educator and abstract expressionist painter who has exhibited his work over the past 35 years in the United States, France, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Mark Perrott has worked as a photographer and educator in the Pittsburgh region for 40 years. His works includes black & white portraiture, corporate photography for annual reports, as well as documenting industrial landscapes.

Marjorie F. Shipe is a painter, sculptor and designer of architectural works for private commissions. Her sculptures are in polyester resin, Plexiglas, and mixed media; and painting on wood. With roots in industrial design, she has been an artist for more than 50 years.

Paul Zelevansky works include digital animation, video, performance, artist books, curating, graphic design and teaching. He was a member of a team that created some of the first digital interactive museum exhibitions in the country.