Rental Policies

  • Equipment is available to students and members for the sole purpose of creating non-commercial work. Royalties, awards, and grant income are not considered commercial income.
  • Each course designates the equipment that students will be able to access. Students wishing to check out equipment that is not designated by their current course but have had access to it in a previous course may pay the Basic Member rental rate.
  • Equipment is to be used exclusively by the student or member who is accessing it. Neither students nor members may check out equipment for use by other persons.
  • Should a student/member encounter a problem with a piece of Pittsburgh Filmmakers' equipment, they should return the equipment as soon as possible or call the Equipment Office to report the problem. Under no circumstances should the student/member or anyone else disassemble or attempt to repair the piece of equipment.
  • Pittsburgh Filmmakers reserves the right to levy fines for any rules broken. Access will be denied and grades will be with-held until all fines are paid in full.