Interdisciplinary Arts

Christine Bethea

Multi-Media Artist

She is fiber artist, quilter, mixed media, installation artist and writer who creates art from vintage fabrics salvaged wood and objects which have no obvious use. In this way, she stays true to her goals of reusing all potential resources in unique and artful ways.

Amanda Gross

Fiber Artist

To create is to bring a vision into being.  I believe in the positive power of art and art-making to bring people, ideas, and communities together to strengthen individual and collective learning, collaboration, and dreams.

Cole Hayer-Winfield


As humans, each of our identities develop in a spontaneous fashion as our lives unfold. Each experience and interaction sprouts new strands of reality.


Maritza Mosquera

Interdisciplinary Artist

Maritza Mosquera is an artist, educator and community-transformation partner.  She has developed, organized, and presented new practices in arts education and artist-led community collaborations with several local, national and international organizations.

Emily Newman

Interdisciplinary Video Artist

As a visual artist, I am fascinated by the way all of us create representations as thoughts and objects every day. This very process is the subject matter of my work, the aim of which is to demonstrate to the people who participate in my projects, and to those who see its finished state, how meaning is made.

Tom Sarver

Interdisciplinary Artist

Tom Sarver is an interdisciplinary artist and puppeteer interested in creating accessible, interactive arts experiences for children and adults.  His puppet shows, created from everyday recycled materials, have explored a broad range of topics including Greek mythology, healthy eating habits, Middle Eastern folktales and Modern art. 

Carolyn Speranza

Interdisciplinary Artist

Carolyn Speranza has been working in digital media, site-specific art installation, and community-based public art for over two decades. She has created and led teams since 2000; coached community-project leadership programs (2008 –10); and run a citywide volunteer program (2004-05). Specializing in arts-based civic engagement since 2003, Speranza is highly motivated to make a difference in the world that is more than aesthetic in its impact.

Lindsay Woge

Creative-Reuse Designer

Being creative is a joyful experience that everyone – of every age, of every background, of every ability – can participate in, and its effects can be powerful: therapeutic, spiritual, energizing, reaffirming, unifying, and FUN!