Geña & Preach

Interdisciplinary Performance Artists

Geña and Preach are performing artists, both singers, drummers, and dancers.  They perform many different rhythms from Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latin cultures. The rhythms, the songs, and the dances of Sicá, Calindá, Bámbula, Belé, Congo, Yanvalou, Holandé, and many more help them connect different elements of the African Diaspora with the African experience in the United States of America.


Geña and Preach have conducted residencies for children from Pre-K through 12th grade in the local school system, and facilitated adult and senior Workshops and audience performances throughout the region with organizations such as: Gateway for the Arts, the Latin American Cultural Union, ABC Spanish Playtime, the Institute for International Arts and Languages, the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, the August Wilson Center, Coro Latinoamericano-Pittsburgh, Young Men and Women’s African Heritage Association, Inc., and more.

We can easily develop multiple curricular tie-ins to the core academics. When people are able to express themselves musically, they are better equipped to express themselves through spoken and written language. Both music and math are languages, complete with symbols and vocabulary, and the mastery of one language helps the learner to acquire others. Through the study of music, students can gain skills needed to conquer complex subjects such as math, physics, and chemistry (such as drills, practice, long term concentration, and dedication to goals.) Younger students can benefit through musical study, as it illustrates, through constructive learning, concepts such as fractions.

At-risk students, particularly those with limited English speaking skills, may find through music alternative ways to communicate their ideas, as well as to understand others, in an environment that may be less intimidating to them than a traditional classroom atmosphere. The confidence a student gains through the clearly observable and measurable progress that results from the study of music can be applied to academic subjects.

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