Adina DeRoy-Stouffer


Adina DeRoy-Stouffer is a jeweler and mixed media artist working and teaching in the Pittsburgh area for the past fifteen years. Working in metals, glass, metal clay, gemstones, and recycled materials, Adina draws inspiration from nature for her creations: leaves, trees, landscapes, animals, and shells are among the themes that are woven throughout her creations.

Linda Van Gehuchten

Wood Artist

My most recent work is sculptural in wood, carved, turned and at times painted.  My career encompasses the use of classical forms and techniques to reach beyond obvious solutions to design problems.

Saihou Omar Njie

Interdisciplinary Artist

Throughout his life and career, Saihou Omar Njie, aka SONJIE, has been educating and inspiring people with his craft. Known for his use of Batik-style art, dance, and mindfulness movement, he has developed his craft over the years in order to encourage and inspire others to be creative and innovative in their daily lives.