Cole Hayer-Winfield


As humans, each of our identities develop in a spontaneous fashion as our lives unfold. Each experience and interaction sprouts new strands of reality.


The strands often become tangled, creating confusion between our future and past, and between real and imaginary. I believe it is often through imagination that we gather these loose strands to to arrive at new understandings of both our selves and surroundings.

It seems that as individuals, we exist in a number of different simultaneous narratives at any given time. Each one requires its own state of mind, its own perspective, its own language. How can we interact with those around us through use of imagination? How can we communicate through visual language?

 As a Resident Artist, my main goal is to encourage the development of visual literacy in order to widen the spectrum of youth
understanding of the world around them, as well as important life skills. My main goal as an artist is to revive visual storytelling traditions and integrate new digital media in order to expand intercultural dialogue between people around the world.

My curriculum is structured to encourage comprehension, adaptation, and presentation of literature through creative experimentation. Through a mix of storytelling classes, drawing, writing, and puppetry activities, I would like to implement this curriculum in order to enable the extension and adaptation of academic coursework for students and teachers.

These activities and the format of final projects will be directly informed by common themes presented either by participants, and by the academic material being explored, such as literature, history, mathematics, or science. An English unit focusing on grammar rules could be adapted as a puppet game show, a science unit centered on photosynthesis could be transformed into an illustrated poem, or a lesson on ancient history could be turned into a live-action comic book, for example.

Contact Information:

colehw (at) gmail (dot) com