Blaine Siegel

Interdisciplinary Artist

My process of art making begins with a spark. I may witness an event, an image, a random thought may enter my mind or I become drawn to a coarse of scientific study. I develop relationships between media, materials and the initial spark...the concept. I begin to explore and create in the studio. This is how I work with my classroom teacher and my students when engaged in a residency.  We begin with a clear influence or direction and together we create and explore until we have a completed artwork.   

I base the concept for my residency project upon the current course of study that the educator and students are pursuing.  This enables the students to dive right into the project. Familiarity with the concept allows the students a fresh perspective into the study of their subject matter.

For example, I worked with a classroom that was studying colonialism, I devised a project in which the students created personalized versions of the Asafo flag of Ghana.  The Asafo flag was a flag designed in the 17th century as a way to self identify during Ghana’s colonization by the British.  I was able to continue the classroom’s  course of study and explore ideas of identity in the face of colonialism through a visual artwork.  Other residency projects have been based on eco systems, mathematics, and poetry.    

I often incorporate recycled, quotidian materials with more traditional art making methods and mediums. This relationship of materials gives me the opportunity to remove the viewer and my students from the every day, to create a catalyst for thought and experience.  This choice of materials (cardboard, trash bags, cloth, etc.) also offers an abundance of easily sourced materials and introduces the students in a comfortable way into my style of art making.

Contact Information:

blainesiegel (at) gmail (dot) com