Amanda Gross

Fiber Artist

To create is to bring a vision into being.  I believe in the positive power of art and art-making to bring people, ideas, and communities together to strengthen individual and collective learning, collaboration, and dreams.

I use my own work to explore the world around me and to further my understanding of its diverse people and communities.  Likewise as a teaching artist, I work alongside my students to honor their stories and cultural experiences, ask critical questions, and explore the possibilities of art works that go off of the page and into the community.  

I draw on deep-rooted craft traditions and contemporary art movements to introduce historic wisdom and innovate new technologies and techniques.  My experience with a range of fiber art methods as well as other forms of 2 and 3-Dimensional media helps me offer school communities a wide selection of creative approaches to best suit their specific contextual, curricular, and learning needs.

My past community teaching experiences include coordinating community mural projects with children, youth, and adults, facilitating studio classes for artists with disabilities, developing an arts-based Racial Justice through Human Rights curriculum for Pittsburgh youth, and teaching art in both classroom and summer learning settings to children of all ages.  In April of 2013, I finished a Masters degree in Conflict Transformation with an emphasis on using arts-based pedagogy to integrate peacebuilding and restorative justice practices into the classroom, community, and beyond.  

Most recently, I was Outreach Coordinator for Fiberart International 2013 and Lead Artist for Knit the Bridge, a community-created fiber art installation on the Warhol/7th Street Bridge in downtown Pittsburgh.  Through Knit the Bridge, I coordinated extensive community engagement, which involved direct teaching experience, developing teaching methodology, and working alongside of educators and community leaders to bring Knit the Bridge to many Pittsburgh area neighborhoods and communities.

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