Child & Teen Class and Camp Information


Address & Parking
The PCA School is located at 1047 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. The lots surrounding PCA are owned and metered by the City of Pittsburgh Mon-Sat, 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Registration Office, 412-361-0455
Tess Allard, Education & Marketing Assistant,
Mary Brenholts, Director of School & Community Programs,
Louis Cappa, Youth Media Program Assistant,
Amber Coppings, Assistant to School & Community Programs,
Susan Howard, Director of Youth Media Program,
Becky Keck, Ceramics Studio Coordinator,
Claire Marcus, Director of Education,
Conor McGrann, Printmaking Studio Coordinator,
Gia Medwid, Registrar,
Jena Robbins Schieb, Children’s Program Manager & Camp Director,
Tricia George, Assistant to the Director, Youth Media Program,


How to Register:
-Online at
-Send a registration form by mail
-Call the registration office by phone, 412-361-0455
-Stop by in person

How to Pay:
-Payment is required at the time or registration to secure your spot
-We accept checks or money order, all types of credit cards and cash
-Checks should be made out to “PCA” or “Pittsburgh Center for the Arts”

Cancellations & Refunds
Occasionally programs are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases, the Registration Office will notify you 3 days before the program begins and the full class fee will be refunded. Students may withdraw from programs by calling the Registration Office.  A $25.00 charge applies to all withdrawals, regardless of when it occurs. Beginning January 2014, for all CHILD, TEEN & FAMILY PROGRAMS, no refunds will be granted for a withdrawal that occurs less than one week before the start date of the class, multi-session workshop, or camp. Membership fees, pre and post camp and one-day workshops are non-refundable. No cash refunds are available.

You may transfer to one program to another as long as they take place in the same semester. You will be charged $15.00 plus or minus any difference in the cost of the programs. Transfers will not be accepted after the second session of the program.

Waiting Lists
Waiting Lists are maintained for full programs. Students may call to request that their names be placed on the waiting list, or they can add themselves online. Waitlisted students will be called in the order they were added if a space in the program becomes available.

Financial Aid
A limited number of financial awards are available to students demonstrating financial need. Students who have never applied for an award must fill out an application and submit proof of income. Students who have previously submitted an updated proof of income need only submit the application. Proof of income must be updated each year. Acceptable forms of proof of income are: 1040, 1040NR, 1040 EZ, SSI, SSDI or public assistance statements. For more information, please refer to the Financial Aid Application.

Scholarships for Pittsburgh Public School Students
Scholarships for Pittsburgh Public School students will become available beginning in the 2014 winter term. Scholarships are not need-based but students must be enrolled in a PPS school at the time of submission. Students and parents are required to complete a Scholarship Application in which students will have an opportunity to explain why he or she would like to participate in a program at PCA. If accepted, families are only required to pay 20% of the total cost of the program.


Emergency Information and Authorization Form
The information that you provide on this form will be used to ensure your child’s safe participation in PCA programs. Your child may not be signed-in until a completed form is submitted. A new form does not need to be submitted if your child has participated in a class or camp within the past year, unless information has been changed.

PCA Staff is not allowed to dispense non-emergency medication to students. If a student is unable to administer his/her own non-emergency medication, a designated adult must come to PCA to dispense it. Emergency medication must be labeled with the student’s full name and given to the Instructor at sign-in.

Special Needs
PCA is committed to providing an enjoyable art-making experience for all students and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming artistic community. Please share information about your child’s allergies or other special needs on the Emergency Information and Authorization Form. Parents or guardians are encouraged to contact the Children’s Program Manager & Camp Supervisor to discuss any needs a student may have which would impact his/her participation or if a TSS will be accompanying the child to class or camp. The aid’s name and agency must also be included in the Emergency Information and Authorization Form.


Students may be signed-into CLASS at class start time but may be signed-into CAMP 15 minutes before camp begins. On the first day of class or camp, parents will first check-in at the front desk before signing students into the classroom. Parents who wish for their 11 to 17 year old child to sign themselves in and out from class or camp must initial the authorization form.  Students attending a high school program may sign themselves in and out without an adult. No students under the age of 11 may sign themselves in or out of a PCA program without a parent or authorized adult.

Lunch and Scheduled Breaks
Students attending a full-day CAMP will have a 30 minute lunch/recess period from 12:00 PM-12:30 PM and two 10 minute breaks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Please provide your child with a non-perishable lunch and drink labeled with his/her first and last name. We suggest that campers also bring a snack for mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. Please do not send your child with snacks for afternoon or weekend classes.

Sign-out will take place in the student’s classroom. If the student is not attending a high school program, is under the age of 11 or does not have a signed authorization form, a parent or authorized adult must sign their child out with their child’s Instructor or Assistant. Adults should come prepared with a photo I.D. for sign-out. Children may not, under any circumstances, be left unattended at PCA School. Accounts will be charged $15.00 if a child is signed-out over 15 minutes late.

Extended Care
Extended care is NOT AVAILABLE for Holiday camps or classes.

All supplies, equipment and materials are provided in child, teen & family programs unless otherwise notes in the program descriptions.

Age Ranges & Preferences
PCA is dedicated to the best practices in arts education, including developing and implementing age-appropriate visual and media arts curriculum for our students. Each program is designed to meet the unique social and developmental needs of children in each age bracket. Students will not be allowed to attend a program outside of their age. If you would like your child to be placed in the same camp or class section as another child, this preference must be indicated at the time of registration and the placement of the children must coincide with our age and group size requirements.


Your child’s image may be photographed or reproduced on PF/PCA promotional materials. You can indicate whether you do or do not authorize the use of your child’s image on the Emergency Information and Authorization Form.


PCA Instructors are talented artists, devoted educators and responsible caregivers. Our instructors are passionate about designing a class curriculum that reflects their skills and expertise, while upholding the commitment to best practices in arts learning. Our instructors are highly educated working artists with multiple years experience in arts education.  Every instructor, staff member and assistant are required to hold Act 33/34 Clearances.


All supplies are provided for child & teen programs.  Students in studio arts camps often use messy materials; you may send your child with a labeled apron or smock to wear while engaged in art making.  For a full-day camp, send your child with a non-perishable lunch and two snacks, labeled with first and last name.  You may send sunscreen and/or a hat with your child as many classes spend time outdoors. Please leave toys, MP3s and other valuables at home. Cell phones may be used in emergencies but must be kept on silent during camps. Please send your child to PCA with an extra change of clothes (labeled with first and last name) f students 4-7 years old.


Personal belongings and artwork left behind at the conclusion of camp or class are collected and kept in the lost and found located in the Registration Office. Pittsburgh Center for the Arts reserves the right to discard artwork and other personal belongings two weeks after the conclusion of class or camp. Students may be asked to provide artwork to be displayed at a student exhibition. Parents will be notified when the work can be picked up. Due to kiln firing schedules, some artwork from clay and ceramics programs may not be ready for pick up until approximately two weeks after the program ends.


All projects are process-based, which affords children the opportunity to engage in critical thought, collaborative learning, and creative experimentation under the guidance of an experienced professional artist and educator. PCA places emphasis on the skills acquired during the process of creation, rather than the importance of the final product. To that end, students will often work collaboratively, and may create temporary installations that will not go home with them at the end of camp. While most students will end their class or camp with a final artwork to take home, this cannot be guaranteed.