Thrown, Altered and Assembled

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Kyle Houser
July 2 - August 20
Intermediate / Advanced
$260 member / $285 non - member

Want to bump your throwing skills to the next level? Then this class is for you! In this class, emphasis will be placed on exposing the student to a variety of throwing and altering techniques for making unique pottery forms. Students will learn various techniques intended to impart character to their work such as faceting, fluting, darting, paddling and alternatives to trimming a foot. We will explore non-traditional shapes made on the potter’s wheel like: ovals, squares, and triangles. The student will also learn how to throw parts and components to pieces that will be assembled to increase size/height or create specific pottery forms as well as sculptural objects. The use of slips, underglazes, glazes and other decorative techniques to unify and finish assembled forms will also be covered. Tuition includes 25 lbs of clay, glazes, and bisque and gas firing