Creative Writing

Travel Writing

8 Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Sarah Leavens
October 2 - November 20
$210 members, $235 non-members

Place. Whether it’s your own backyard, the grocery store in the next neighborhood over, or the windswept ruins of Ephesus, a place—and writing about that place—can teach us something. In this nonfiction writing class we’ll explore how to tell the story of a place and how to shape a journey into a story. We’ll even do some traveling ourselves, both physically in Pittsburgh and as “armchair travelers” learning from the writing of others. In addition, we will discuss the craft techniques of creative nonfiction. This 8-week class will involve readings/homework and lots of hands-on practice. Students will emerge from the class with a body of work, an expanded reading consciousness, a writer’s journal, and an opportunity to participate in a public reading.