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Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is honored to have many partners in the southwestern Pennsylvania community. None are closer than the following.

AAP's offices are located in the Marshall (galleries) building on the PCA campus. Dozens of AAP gallery shows have been exhibited at PCA throughout the decades. This longstanding partnership continues to produce great exhibitions and collaborations.

The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh is the largest group of visual artists in the Pittsburgh region. Their nearly 450 members represent creative talent in all artistic media, a term than continues to change rapidly in this information age. More at online.

Calliope's offices are located in the Marshall (galleries) building on the PCA campus. Calliope has recently completed a renovation on PCA's Simmons Hall, where they will present their new series, the monthly Calliope Center Stage Concerts.

Since 1976, Calliope has been a nonprofit educational and presenting organization that promotes and preserves traditional and contemporary folk music and its allied arts. Calliope programs are unique to western Pennsylvania. More at online.

Citiparks has offices located in the Scaife (school and studios) building on the PCA campus. Citiparks is a department of the City of Pittsburgh, and runs recreation centers throughout the city, as well as community events like Storywalk.