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Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators


Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators was founded in 1997. PSI is a future-oriented professional group that sees no limits to the possibilities of the narrative art form of illustration serving not only all print markets but the web/interactive, animation, interior design, outdoor exhibit, and collectors' market.

PSI has 120 members with every technique and process eclectically represented. PSA exists to fill the specific needs for an organization with which all Pittsburgh area illustrators and other persons interested in the aims of the society (buyers, gallery directors, educators) can affiliate. In order to achieve its general aims, PSI undertakes activities such as social gatherings, receptions and entertainment of visitors, lectures and discussions, fundraisers, exhibitions, meetings of professional and related groups, and similar activities. PSI organizes workshops, field trips, and instruction materials to raise professional, student and patron awareness of the illustration art form.

PSI members meet on the third Tuesday of the month for business and programs and the last Friday of the month for informal discussion and project presentations as well as screening and interviewing prospective new members. In order to apply for membership, interested individuals need to have two sponsors from PSI's current membership.