Arts Surveys
German Expressionist Prints,#056
(18 slides, audiocassette - 47 minutes, and text)
The Gallery's senior curator of prints and drawings, Andrew Robison, comments upon wood-cuts, etchings, and lithographs produced by a group of artists who banded together in 1905 to form Die Brücke, a movement dedicated to revitalizing German art. The work of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the founders and leaders of this group, is the subject of part one of this pro-gram; part two contains a survey of prints by some of the other Brücke artists such as Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluf, and Emil Nolde. The works shown exemplify the breadth and variety of styles within the Brücke group; yet the artists' common concern for directness, free-dom, and authenticity of expression is also revealed in intense and sensuous images, fre-quently of the nude female figure.