Arts Surveys
Rodin Rediscovered,#053
(40 slides, 2 audiocassettes - c. 18 minutes each side, text, and study prints)
The sculpture of Auguste Rodin has been famous from the late nineteenth century into our own time. Widely admired and yet controversial, Rodin's art has had profound influence on twentieth-century sculpture and has altered the way we look at art. Professor Albert E. Elsen, an authority on Rodin and organizer of the National Gallery's comprehensive exhibition, Rodin Rediscovered, narrates this program. He provides insights into the artist and his work, his beliefs and methods. Four aspects of Rodin's art are discussed. The first topic is "The Paris Salon," representing the official academic art traditions that prevailed when Rodin began his career. In part two, Professor Elsen discusses the history and casting of Rodin's monumental doorway, The Gates of Hell, as well as the themes that are explored in the Gates and the indi-vidual sculptures that evolved from that project. Rodin's methods of working in his studio are described in part three; this section includes work in bronze and in plaster -- many figures never before seen in public exhibitions. Part four examines "Rodin's Legacy," showing the influ-ence of Rodin's art on twentieth-century sculptors such as Brancusi, Maillol, Duchamp-Villon, and Boccioni.