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Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh

Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh was formed in 1944 and has been a member guild of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in Shadyside for over 50 years. Its mission is to promote fine crafts in the western Pennsylvania region. The Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh sponsors exhibitions, workshops, social events, scholarships, and the nationally recognized crafts fair, "A Fair in the Park," held every September in Mellon Park. The Guild is comprised of about 150 members. Many artists on the faculty of the PCA School are Guild members. The Guild provides networking opportunities for artists. The Guild fosters the development of young artists by its annual contributions to various artist programs in the city. In addition, the Guild supports the Crafts Emergency Relief Foundation. The Guild also sponsors workshops for its members and sometimes gives financial support to other arts organizations for their exhibitions and workshops. Guild members often reach out to one another in a consultation or mentoring service.

There are two levels of membership in the Craftsmen's Guild: Artist and Associate. All three-dimensional artists who live within 100 miles of Pittsburgh are invited to apply to become Artist members of the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh. Screenings are held in April and October each year. The purpose of screening is to assure high caliber work at Guild exhibitions and at "A Fair in the Park." Associate membership is designed for those who support the arts and wish to be connected to the crafts community through the Guild. Associate members need not be producing artists and receive all mailings and are invited to attend Guild events.


Society of Contemporary Craft will host the PSA exhibit, “Shelter” from October 1 to December 5th at their satellite gallery, One Mellon Center. Art incorporating both recycled and contemporary craft mediums which exemplify the emotional, psychological or spiritual need for shelter will be showcased.

The year will finish out with the “PSA Annual Members Exhibition” held at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh from December 6th to January 2011.