Women of Visions, INC.

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Women of Visions, Inc. was co-founded in 1981 by Emma Slaughter and the late Juanita Miller. They recognized a need for a visual arts organization of African American women. There were few venues for African American women artists to exhibit professionally in Pittsburgh One of the objectives of creating a group was to provide professional and mentoring support to such artists. Miller and Slaughter, along with a core group of other women artists founded Visions. In 1990, Visions was incorporated under the name Women of Visions and attained non-profit status in 1995.

The mission of Women of Visions, Inc. is to promote the art of African American women through self-promotion and education. To that end, the organization mounts collaborative exhibits with other arts groups and individuals artists, and builds relationships in the arts and lay community both in and outside of Pittsburgh. These experiences offer members resources and opportunities that allow them to grow personally and professionally.

The members of Women of Visions, Inc. represent a diverse sampling of artistic styles and media including ceramics, collage, digital arts, fiber arts, installation art, jewelry, mixed-media, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. A rich and varied expression of the personal, social and political experience of African American women is voiced. Today, with an ever-increasing membership, Women of Visions, Inc. continues to nurture and support professional and emerging women artist of color, and to bring to the African American community and the general public the richness of our culture and heritage.